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So humid today! Had to break out the tank top today. AC isn't back online till May 1st, so I just have some days to go.

Just noticed that I lost some weight around my middle. Drinking water, exercise, and eating better is working pretty well right now. This has been my strategy for the past month and a half. I definitely feel better. Too bad my scale is broken. Now I just need to go to bed on time.

Saw the Tax Proposal today. Not a fan of losing individual tax credits. This is all I'm going to say about it.

Just signed up on chess.com to brush up on my chess skills. I remember when I used to spend my free periods before lunch playing chess in my home room. At first I was afraid to play against someone, then there was a sort of camaraderie between all of us. It was a couple of us girls and some guys. It was nice that no one really cared about anything else but playing. Only friendly smack talk, but no one was hurt by it. So great. I think I was more or less at around .500 win record at that time.

I meditated for ten minutes today! New record!
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So I have tummy fat that's being stubborn and my butt is flabby at the moment. For the past couple of weeks, I have become more active. Things like getting on an elliptical and just general exercise that I used to do.

Then a family member saw me eating some cheese and crackers. And ranted to me about how I'm just going to let myself get fat and how increasing my exercise isn't going to work. Which is true. But it wasn't like I was going to eat all of it in five minutes then eat some more. The AC isn't on until May, but it's humid hot. When it's humid hot I just want something light and snacky to eat with water until dinner time.

I didn't say all that, but the little rage bunny inside of myself was getting angry. I never act out or say anything back to retaliate (lost cause). It's just annoying and condescending.



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