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Birthdate:Sep 7
Location:Temple Hills, Maryland, United States of America
I decided that I needed to revise this bio-block a little bit because the previous one was rather... bland...

Or maybe that is suitable because I am a rather bland person.

Let's see the sum of me:

one part eccentric + one part bland + just a bit of insanity + three parts of insight (that no one can taste) + fifty elements of the unknown= ME

You could read more of my journal, but most of my entries is Friends Only. Leave a note or comment (whatever you whipper-snappers say these days), and I'll add you.


Interests (160):

adult swim, african american, agatha christie, alternative, american horror story, amnesty international, anais nin, anime, anthropology, arthurian romance, bastard, batman, bbc america, beatles, beetlejuice, being myself, being single, big little lies, biography, black, books, boys, brandon sanderson, british literature, c.s. lewis, candles, chivalry, chobits, christian, christianity, clamp, college, computers, conversation, cowboy bebop, creative writing, criminal minds, crucifixion, curious, daria, depression, diaries, eating, fabric, faith, family guy, fantasy, fargo, fiction, fight club, flcl, flute, foamy, food, football, foreign films, friends, fun, futurama, garbage, gentlemen, glasses, haruki murakami, hip-hop, hole, hope, humor, ice cream, idealism, incense, intellectual stimulation, intellectuals, internet, interview with the vampire, inu yasha, j. d. salinger, jesus christ, jobs, johnny depp, journals, lace, langston hughes, legends of tomorrow, legion, linux, literacy, literature, little shop of horrors, love, manga, maroon 5, mars, maturity, meditation, men, miyazaki films, moon, morals, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, myopia, mysticism, mythology, naruto, natural hair styles, nature, nerds, nfl, no doubt, noodles, novelists, novels, orgy, pad thai, philosophy, pop, reading, red hot chilli peppers, religion, rosewood, saved!, sci-fi, science fiction, sewing, sex and the city, short stories, sincerity, single, sleeping, something positive, soundtracks, spirituality, sports, star trek, star trek: tng, supergirl, tea, technology, thai food, the flash, the history channel, the leftovers, the pillows, tim burton, trigun, tv, twilight zone, united nations, values, wandering aimlessly, washington redskins, watching television, white grapes, wolfs rain, world religions, writers, writing, x-files

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