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So I have an interview for another large retailer. (Most of my working life thus far has been for large retailers.) I should know what to expect, I have my questions lined up, hoping that I can get the morning to afternoon shift. Thank you coffee place that made me realize getting up at 3am is worst than having to wake at 6am especially during the winter months when it's absolutely freezing. Going to tell my interviewer that I can work closings sometimes because I have to rely on public transport now that the car is KO'd. It's essentially a money sink at this moment.

Most of all I'm grateful to God for getting a call back now. These days you're lucky to make it to the interview stage at most retailers. I understand how that can be with almost a hundred people applying for the job. I found that saying the Rosary helps a lot. (Not even Catholic but it comforts me and encourages me to be better.)

Just need to be myself, and not freeze. Gotta love the polar vortex action we got going.

Watching the news and a commercial for said company just popped up. Oh yeah before I forget, I hit 13k words yesterday in Nanowrimo. I think I can write the average amount of words needed to finish on time. Right now I'm stuck on the plot and where to take it, but I'm not going to blow everything in the beginning. After November, I'm going to try to edit it on my own, so I can at least tell people I have actually written a novel. Probably a novel that's not so great with plenty of grammar and weird pacing, but that's how I roll.
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After completing a job application and consuming many slices of buttered french bread and a little bit of syrup, it's time to see how constructive I can be on the internet. Remembered that I have a bunch of free ebook sites bookmarked. (It's mainly technology and coding books so it's helpful.) Also Nanowrimo is in full swing right now. My novel is on a rocky start since I have a bad habit of going back and editing along the way. Well today I'm just going to let story flow out and think about editing when I'm finished. My main issue is sticking with something. I'm a bit scared of finishing it to tell the truth.
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While I'm going through a crisis in my life at the moment, I'm going to participate in this year's Nanowrimo. Sometime you need something to focus on other than your problems, you know? Anyway today I started on the setting. There is a key feature in this setting that's going to be its main industry other than tourism based on this local anomaly. There I was thinking about this anomaly and a few ideas came to me. Before this idea, the plot was going to be something different entirely. Something self indulgent because I didn't have a clue what to write about. Now I have a setting, a main plot, and an inkling for a couple of minor plots.

Writing is the only time when it's acceptable for me to just let my mind wander and have an adventure. The reason I don't complete a lot of stuff because I tend to go big. Way too big of an idea or theme. Then I become upset when I can't get a plot going to save my life. This November is going to be fun, terrifying, and hectic. It seems like this shouldn't matter that much to me in light of the changes happening in my life, but it feels good to have something else going on.
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Since I have friends and family asking me to play in a fantasy football league every season, I decided to wet my feet in a league that the nfl site hosts. My approach to it is to do a little bit of research, keep an open mind, and be lighthearted about it. The projected draft outcome for my team (missed the draft by minutes >_<, so half of my team is composed of players auto-drafted by the site) is a D+. Ha! Also my team has a 4.2% chance of making it to the playoffs. Ha ha! My whole approach to life this year is to not shy away from things that challenge me, so I wear these stats as a challenge to somehow do better. Though I don't really see how they could project the outcomes because all the stats in the world can't predict an outstanding game by a player or defense due to outside influences.

My opponent's team is slightly better than mine, but I'm making adjustments in preparation for tomorrow. It lies in fate's hands to see if I can eek out a win. One of the appeals for fantasy football, I guess, is cheering for another team if you have a player on that team. Makes games seem more personal. No wonder stats junkies love to play this.

Other than this another challenge I'm not shying away from is Nanowrimo. What got me caught up in the inaugural year and years afterwards was a lack of planning and what I wanted to do. This time around my goal is just to finish. Then I can spend the next year editing it. It's not like I'm going to get it published, but I want to be able to say I wrote a novel.


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