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Apr. 11th, 2017 10:48 pm
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I was totally feeling myself today. Bantu knot out wasn't perfect but delightfully messy. Finally arched my eyebrows correctly for the first time in a few months and it shows. No fragrance because I've come to terms with my nose don't like most of my favorite ones. So for right now my deodorant has to suffice. My makeup didn't look like it was going to melt down my face, though I want to try my other foundation. The foundation I used today oxidized a little bit, and I wasn't feeling it. I may try the other foundation tomorrow, and see how it goes.

I've been looking up different places around the country. I know for a fact that I couldn't move now or even in a few months, but it's nice to take a look at what could be. Since I don't mind heat, I've been looking at Phoenix, Arizona.

Made sure to update my income driven payment plan information. It was pretty easy on the Federal Student Loan site. It's way user friendly than the one they had up years ago.

Just finished refreshing some of my French skills in Duolingo. My goal is to finish that branch and move on to Spanish.
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A couple of years ago, I began to learn French until things went topsy turvy, and I lost my book and cd.

I'm going to take it back up.

So when people ask me if I could speak French, I could say, "Oui!" (People ask me that once every couple of months out in public. It started when I was about four years old. Strange.) 

Or I could touch up on my Italian skills. Maybe I could learn German.  It could make my Rammestein listening easier.


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