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I hate it when two TV shows I like go head to head in the same time slot. Tonight the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show is up against a new episode of South Park. I really hate switching back and forth between the channels, so I'm just going to watch AHS: FS instead. It sounds extra campy this season. (I like how I say this before every new season of AHS.)

The TV anthology format is really works in the AHS's favor. Wish more things were in an anthology format, so that it doesn't get stale after a couple of seasons. Then again my preference for TV anthology goes back to my childhood. I used to stay up late (10pm est) to watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Nick-At-Nite back when it was still the same channel as Nickelodeon. Then just in time for my pre-teen years, Are You Afraid of the Dark? was my must watch on Saturday evenings. My most vivid memories of the show are the ones that shocked and scared me.
There are two types of "scary" for me. One type is a thrilling scary, where the protagonist has a chance to get away if s/he plays the right cards. Their life is on the line, but there is a chance of them making it. Then there's the dreadful scary. It's where the survivor protagonist's friends/family are slaughtered one by one by the antagonist. That is absolutely dreadful to me. Surviving is great, but to witness the murder of your loved ones are horrible. Even when the other person isn't someone that anyone likes, to see them die in a horrible way just cheapens life to me. Absolutely dreadful.


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