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Working on some emotional issues using a book called "Healing Your Emotional Self". Usually self help books and myself are like oil and water, but everything is clicking with me on a deep level. Time to slay the dragon that has been hiding behind a lot of memories that I try to push out.

On a cheerier note, I started watching a British show called "Chewing Gum". I meant to watch one episode and ended up watching two from the first season. Michaela Coel and crew crack me up.
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Had a busy week. More like do chores and catch up on my shows.

Criminal Minds was great this week. My heart isn't sick for one of my babies on the team though they may have one hell of a season finale this year. So glad that they've been renewed for a 13th season.

The Flash finally had the Savitar reveal, and I was vindicated on my guess as to who the villain could be. 

Greenleaf shocked me. Like I wasn't expecting a situation to go down like that. Pure drama.

My Washington Wizards prevailed against the Boston Celtics a couple of nights ago. The series is 2-1 now. I'm just disappointed that Oubre Jr. was ejected and then suspended from the coming up game. He lost his cool, but I'm confident that he has learned his lesson. He's 21 and fired up.

My viewing life is pretty good right now.

PS- The WGA got what I'm wanted and I'm glad.
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Yesterday/Today was pretty boring.

I polished my nails Bus Stop Crimson by Orly. Did an okay job on it. Not perfect, but the flaws (slight smudging) aren't very noticeable.

No new Criminal Minds tonight. (Boo!) But there were two back to back episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. I'll probably watch those tomorrow evening before Riverdale comes on.

Still mindmapping and doing a little bit of research for the Criminal Minds fanfic.
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There's a pending birth in my family, so my mom is postponing the shopping trip until later this week or possibly next week. I didn't really mind this, but today was a perfect day to go shopping. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool, but not cold. The grass smelled sweet. Critters, big and small, were up and about. It's supposed to be hotter this week.

My entries finished importing this morning or yesterday night. Thinking about shutting down my LJ for good. Nothing like a little bit of closure.

Oh! Today I realized that all of my foundations are past their expiration except the one I bought on a whim that makes me look like an Oompaloompa. I tried powder tamp it down a notch. That did not work whatsoever.

Watching a Criminal Minds marathon on ION. They are showing season 1 episodes. Everyone look so young. :)

Never wrote out a fanfic in my head, but I'm close to now. Time to open Mindapp and get to mapping.


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