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There's a pending birth in my family, so my mom is postponing the shopping trip until later this week or possibly next week. I didn't really mind this, but today was a perfect day to go shopping. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool, but not cold. The grass smelled sweet. Critters, big and small, were up and about. It's supposed to be hotter this week.

My entries finished importing this morning or yesterday night. Thinking about shutting down my LJ for good. Nothing like a little bit of closure.

Oh! Today I realized that all of my foundations are past their expiration except the one I bought on a whim that makes me look like an Oompaloompa. I tried powder tamp it down a notch. That did not work whatsoever.

Watching a Criminal Minds marathon on ION. They are showing season 1 episodes. Everyone look so young. :)

Never wrote out a fanfic in my head, but I'm close to now. Time to open Mindapp and get to mapping.


Sep. 8th, 2014 04:55 pm
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For the first time in a long one, the weather on my birthday, yesterday, was quite exceptional. It's either miserably humid and hot or a whole day of late summer thunderstorms. Too bad my football team lost yesterday. It wasn't a close loss by any stretch of imagination. They played as if they were making a highlight reel of issues they had all last season but in a single game. The collapse of the team was incredible. What makes it worst was if anyone were on the same page, they might have had a chance to win it.That type of loss annoys me more than the times they lose due to the opponent playing excellently.

Also I'm going to stop hating on the Cowboys so much. It's not enjoyable when my team and the Cowboys aren't doing great. I love my rivalries, but both teams need to get up to playoff caliber again for it to be enjoyable. But then that's just me...

Went to the grocery store in the early afternoon. Luckily there weren't that many people there doing their shopping. It's easy to assume that it was going to be fairly deserted, but I've been surprised before. I took my coins to the Coinstar - I know that they take out fees, but I was desperate to get these coins out of the house.

Had a little triumph before I went to the store though. Instead of putting on foundation today, I just put on some lipgloss and the Revlon Lip Butter (red velvet) and eye make-up. I use foundation to conceal my under eye circles and darkness around my eyes in general. Also to conceal the dark patch on my chin because it annoys me. It worked out okay ; my eye-make up stayed in place as did my lip gloss / lip butter combo. Might do that more often.

Also applied to a couple of different jobs today. Hoping to receive an email from any of them. I want to land an office job before going back to the food service grind. My main reasons for wanting to work in an office is because I definitely have the skills for it, it's better health-wise to work at a job where I don't have to be awake before or shortly after 3am everyday (I'm not awake at the job until it's time for me to leave), and I want to do a job where I have more ownership of my work.

Now I'm off to play FFXIV: ARR for a bit of fun. :)


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