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Someone in my family used my information to get an apartment, cable, and other bills in my name. Then they went on to not pay the bills on time and basically ran up nearly $4k in rent alone, $800 for the cable bill, and about $400 in the utilities I know of. This started when I was fifteen years old, so I had bad credit out the gate.

With no clue about this, I went on to apply for college loans to bridge the gap between my financial aid and scholarships. When the scholarships fell through, I didn't understand it. I dropped out of school because it was difficult to pay $5k between a semester and have no place to live. I learned about "my horrible credit" after looking at my credit report. I don't know how, but I was able to fight the charges on my account without getting a statement by the police. My Recovery From Identity Theft )
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I am going to keep a separate written journal other than the one I have now. It's going to be a place where I could record the lessons that I have learned while growing up and how perceptions can change. Then later, I could give it as a gift to my future child/ren just in case they think that I'm too out of touch with their generation.


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