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I hate it when I'm trying to watch a show with someone, and all they do is badmouth the show. Most of the time I agree, but it raises my blood pressure. It shouldn't bother me. Really it shouldn't. But it does. What makes it worst is when I am trying to get back on my meditation and not letting other people get me down/annoy me too much. Tells self to breathe.

This is why I try to avoid watching Doctor Who or other shows that bring me joy with that person. The only shows that I can watch in peace with this person are The Leftovers, Fargo, and (oddly enough) Lethal Weapon.

Want to end this on a happy note. I decided to dedicate myself to learning how to read (and someday speak) French. I'm taking baby steps with learning about Web Development from Coursera. Nothing better than a free course and exercises to do. I just want to see if it's something that I may like. My Opendiary was all about that primitive HTML back in the day.  Need to pace myself with Learning How To Learn. It's pretty interesting.

Off to take a shower before bed!


Apr. 16th, 2017 11:49 pm
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There's a Coursera course about learning that I didn't think I would be too into. Well I was wrong. It's called Learning How to Learn. I thought it was just going to go cover different learning techniques and not really talk about the neuroscience of learning which is fascinating. 

Now I really want to improve my sleep hygiene!



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