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The other day, I went to one of the largest Barnes and Noble that I have ever visited. (Mind you I've only been to one before this ) I didn't pay much attention to regular books because I wanted to check up on my favorite mangas that I can't afford right now. Before I left the store, I noticed the journal section. It was only a few short stacks of journals, but they were sooooo beautiful. The leather bound ones gave way to an images of philosophers, revolutionaries, statesmen, and scientists making an imprint of their souls on the pages. 

I was about to leave again when I saw the quill and calligraphy set selection. Being turned on by quills as I am, I had to check that section out. They had feathered quills, quill sets that came with their very own wax seal, and a wide range of different quills and inks. This is the only time that I can honestly say I like being broke because I would have bought more than a hundred dollars worth of the stuff. 

In about a month, I want to go back and  get a couple of leather bound journals and a couple of quills. Ahhhh, quilllllllls......


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