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Since I have friends and family asking me to play in a fantasy football league every season, I decided to wet my feet in a league that the nfl site hosts. My approach to it is to do a little bit of research, keep an open mind, and be lighthearted about it. The projected draft outcome for my team (missed the draft by minutes >_<, so half of my team is composed of players auto-drafted by the site) is a D+. Ha! Also my team has a 4.2% chance of making it to the playoffs. Ha ha! My whole approach to life this year is to not shy away from things that challenge me, so I wear these stats as a challenge to somehow do better. Though I don't really see how they could project the outcomes because all the stats in the world can't predict an outstanding game by a player or defense due to outside influences.

My opponent's team is slightly better than mine, but I'm making adjustments in preparation for tomorrow. It lies in fate's hands to see if I can eek out a win. One of the appeals for fantasy football, I guess, is cheering for another team if you have a player on that team. Makes games seem more personal. No wonder stats junkies love to play this.

Other than this another challenge I'm not shying away from is Nanowrimo. What got me caught up in the inaugural year and years afterwards was a lack of planning and what I wanted to do. This time around my goal is just to finish. Then I can spend the next year editing it. It's not like I'm going to get it published, but I want to be able to say I wrote a novel.


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