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Came on here to vent about a couple of things when LJ alerted that there was a saved draft. For the life of me, I couldn't remember what I was writing or going to write. This and an mobile journal app is where I talk about my day to day. To my surprise it was about downloading Plume Writer which was sometime in late September or October. I'm going to use it for a short story collection though. Horror and suspense.

Had an anxiety dream yesterday. I was back in high school even though I don't need to be. Very strange. Couldn't remember where any of my lockers were. (Every student is given a two lockers. One that's default and one standard.) Anyway after school, I had three dollars in my pocket. Somehow I knew it wasn't going to be enough to take the subway or bus. That's when I decide to hoof it home. First I get lost in the area from around the school. It's a mixture of where my real life elementary school and high school so the maps of both real places overlapped. I was so disoriented until I saw someone and was chatting with him. Want to say it was the actor who plays Tyrell Wellick on Mr. Robot. He didn't get what I was trying to tell him, but we saw someone further down the street who pulled out a gun. Both of us ran away in the opposite directions. Didn't hear any gunshots, but I woke up a little bit after I fled. Had my cellphone in my hand ready to call 911.

It was strange that someone else was in danger and not me. Usually I'm the one the killer is after. Wonder what the dream analysts would think of that.

Took some positive steps towards getting a handle on my situation. It's not much. But it's something. I'm caught in a Catch-22 situation, but I think that I'm going to do just alright. Really need to settle my permanent address situation, too.
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After months of not being able to remember a single extraordinary dreams and having dreams which rehashed my daily events, a day ago I had an interesting one.

Most of my dreams since childhood have a disturbing slant to them, so this one is quite normal to me. However, this one stands out because it represents a dream world I've never been in before. 

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Yesterday evening while I was resting a while, I had one of the most frightful dreams I ever had. I was glad to wake up to the sound of House being on TV. Usually when I have interesting and scary dreams, I write them down immediately; however, this time I wanted to forget all about the dream. Even now I don't want to attempt to remember the dream because it's too disconcerting to me. This coming from the person who wants to remember everything about their lives.

My pulse rate is going higher right now. Wow.

Thinking of it, I shouldn't really be startled by my dream. It is nothing but a fantasy that my subconcious cooked up because it is startled by some changes in my life at the moment. This is unrelated to the dream, but I feel like writing something with nothing in mind.


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