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For some reason, I can't seem to focus on one thing to be my career. It's about time for me to stake my claim to a career. Someone suggested that I should give computer programming a try. There's a problem though; I don't know how to set a basic program. In high school, I wanted to learn about computers and  have one of my own to learn about. However, we couldn't afford a computer at home. The places where I could work on the computer for at least a half hour were at school and the library. Even now I don't have a computer of my own, but I am open to learning more about it. My mind works more like a computer than anything else.

A couple of days ago, I gave my gameboy advance a try for old times sake. The games for it disappeared, but I was able to take photo's with the game boy camera. I don't look like the picture I have in my mind. No wonder people ask me about my ethnicity and stuff. huh. I'm not afraid of taking pictures anymore. No more hiding my face from the camera whenever a friend attempts to take a picture of me. Yay for me!

I'll find my way through this messed up crazy world, somehow :) .


PS- VH1 needs to stop with the "I Love..." shows. Now there is going to be an " I Love Toys" show. I wish that there is a way to pick and choose which channels I could watch. There was an article about how it would kill some channels if providers were allowed to do that. I guess for now I have to settle to manually blacking out the offending channels. I fiercely believe that certain shows kill off important brain cells in people.


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