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Was really anxious today with no external cause (that I'm aware of yet). CK2 rolled out a free patch to go along with the paid DLC today. It's on my list of DLC that I want to pick up for the game. Next time I have some free cash and there's a steam sale, I'm getting it. So far on my CK2 DLC wishlist is Old Gods, Way of Life, Conclave, and all the portrait packs to make everyone look more painting realistic. Funny how it seemed like there were a million and one DLCs on my list in my mind. It's a compact list compared to what I thought it'd be.

Writing is taking another direction. Long fantasy or a short story mystery? I'll probably make up my mind in the shower.
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Sunday, my older brother D.B picked my mother, grandmother and took us over to his new house in Maryland. He and his wife, C, have a lovely home!

When we got there, my sister, T, and my niece, AR, were still cooking food. C fixed a saltfish coleslaw like dish, and it was delicious. I should try Carribean food more often. (C is from Grenada.) T's daughter, Tt, and AR's boyfriend were down in the huge basement watching The Simple Life. The cookout was really a high school graduation party for T's son, CC, and a birthday party for my aunt D's son A.

While I was sitting at a table with my mom and her former in-laws. She told the story of how she nearly killed me as an infant. I was three months old, and she fell asleep with me on her chest on the couch. In her sleep, she thought the weight on her chest was some dude laying up on her expecting to get some. When she was about to punch me to the ground, something told her to open her eyes. When she saw it was me sleeping on her chest, she felt weak and very guilty. She said she told that story to everyone that could listen that week because of her guilt. I'm glad that she opened her eyes because I may have been killed, paralyzed, or injured in someway.

For the most part, I had a lot of fun even though I didn't really mingle with a lot of people. Medium sized parties aren't really my forte. Really. I tend to get really anxious in a medium sized group than in a large group because in a large group it's easier for me to disappear and to mingle with more people. I could've kept a lot of conversations going if I hadn't kept my answers very short. Hopefully, I'd be able to manage for JR and V's birthday party. It's happening in about a month, and I hope to have a job by then. I want to buy a cellphone, so when the new people I'd meet ask to exchange numbers, I don't have to get anxioius about not having a cell that takes long distance. (Does anyone have a good cell phone plan out there?) General anxiety sucks balls. Big, nasty sweaty balls. I'd probably post more indepth tomorrow about this.
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Saturday night I was chatting on AIM with someone I've been talking to for the last month. I mentioned something about a Robert Smigel (sp?) skit with Brett Favre walking up to one the cast donning only a regular shirt and his underwear. He then tells me about how is father is a huge Packers fan. He then blurted out how his father has one of the original cheese head hats that been passed around at a game he went to in the 1920's. That's when I noticed that his dad is older than my grandma. My grandma is 76 years old. The wheels must have been churning loudly in my mind because he then told me that his father's eighty six years old. The wheels continued to turn when I thought about how old his father must have been when he said he was born. (He told me that he's turning 23 in nine days.)

What bothers me was the length of time that it took before he replied and the fact that he had to defend it. I have nothing against people who have older parents. I love older people. I assumed that he may have been fibbing about his age. It doesn't bother me if he's a few years older than I am. However, people in their forties aren't really date material for me. He says that he wants to meet me or take me out for a date, so he maybe telling the truth about his age. I was really planning to meet him (in a public place of course for a short time during the middle of the day).

Now I'm afraid to come online for an extended period of time because it's feels strange to talk to him with thoughts looming in my mind.


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