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 My sports fan self is freaking out during the NBA and NHL playoffs. Both teams are in the second round of the playoffs. Both teams like to scare me at times. Yesterday my Washington Capitals got embarrassed by the Pittsburgh Penguins. The game started out strong. Kept attacking the Penguins. Then the free fall started. My inner sports fan curled up into a fetal position after the Penguins scored their fifth goal. It was a home game, too. They are two games down in this series. The Washington Wizards are playing their first game against the Boston Celtics in a few minutes. These two teams are extremely competitive against each other. Hoping that both teams keep their cool and let it show through their skill and athleticism.

Finally finished the rest of Legion! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait till next season. Short seasons leave out episodes that could be classified as filler, and I'm fine with that.

Finally saw the first two episodes of Doctor Who! I really like Bill. Doctor doing Doctor things. I also love Matt Lucas being added  to the show.

I got the chess bug again. This time around, I'm checking out lessons on chess.com. Chess is still fun.
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