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Let me start with the Washington Wizards playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Wizards won, but the Refs were making tic for tac calls and being inconsistent with both teams. It disrupted the flow of the game. It had the flow of a football game. Nearly had a headache coming on before the fourth quarter. I will like to thank Brandon Jennings for keeping the Wizards in the game despite the frequent and questionable calls. He kept the momentum up that enabled the win. So far the Wizards are 2-0 in the series.

Next the Washington Capitals also had a playoff game, but against the Toronto Maple Leafs. They had a great game from what I heard. Turned to the channel too late to catch the end of it, and I forgot to DVR the game. >_< They also won. Heard that Tom Wilson had a great goal save and then scored on the shift afterwards. Now they are 1-2 in the series. Rally back Caps!

The Nationals had two grand slams (Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman). They had a good night and won this game of the regular season. Hoping they can make it back to the playoffs later this year.
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